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​Kenwood Isles has much to offer within the building, on our grounds, and in our neighborhood. A big advantage of living here is proximity to the lakes and busy Uptown Hennepin Avenue/Lake Street area.

There are many ways to become involved in community activities at Kenwood Isles. Residents may serve on committees that advise the Homeowners Association Board and assist in daily activities. Standing committees include: Art and Design, Budget and Finance, Community, Diversity, Entertainment, Garden, Green, Library, Property, Reporter, Rules and Regulations, Shop, Social and Recreational, Sunshine, Terrace Room, and Welcome. Scheduled condo activities offer opportunities to meet and socialize with  other residents.

​Kenwood Isles Condo Activities

  • Coffee hours

  • Vegetable and flower gardening in community flower gardens and small individual plots

  • Book Club

  • Exercise group

  • Yoga

  • Evening dining five nights a week

  • Birthday and special dinners

  • Monthly potluck dinners

  • Pool and ping-pong

  • Saturday Scrabble games

  • Movie nights

  • Crafts group

  • Painting

  • Occasional entertainment and other programs


A monthly newsletter, the Kenwood Isles Reporter, is published by the Reporter Committee. A calendar of activities like the one below, is included in the newsletter.


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